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released September 15, 2011

Music by Helicopria, Sırma Munyar, and Elijah Melanson
Lyrics written by Sırma Munyar except Paragon (Sulene)
Vocals by Sırma Munyar

Produced by Tucker McLeish and Helicopria
Except for The Intuition (Produced by Sirma Munyar) and The Alter Ego (Produced by Adam Newall)
Engineered by Tucker McLeish, Adam Newall, Austin Bond, Peter Flom, and Melanie Balderas
Mastered by Chris Leon www.chrisleonmusic.com

Special thanks to Fikret Ercan, Dogan Music Company (DMC), Ethan Schiff, Austin Bond, Matt Sokol, Scarlett Deering, Eric Law, Emmett Ceglia, Ben Meyers, Scott Tarulli, Bear Language, and our fans, friends, and families.

Helicopria is:
Sırma Munyar - Vocals
Sulene - Guitar
Elijah Melanson - Guitar
Drew Moore - Bass
J.P. Bouvet - Drums



all rights reserved



Helicopria New York, New York

Helicopria is a rock band influenced by groups like Circa Survive, Paramore, and The Dear Hunter whose music merges rock and electronic genres. They are known for their distinctive sound and highly energetic live shows.

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Track Name: Paragon
Verse 1:

In the night when it's cold
And you're alone
I can feel your body turning in your sleep.
And if I scream, will you hear me?
I cut every string that tied us together... together…


If I could go back, would it make us better?
I'm consumed in this remorse.
I only have sorrow for us
But it's not enough - I can't change you.
I can't change you…


I am your paragon,
You are my work of art
That hangs on my wall.
I can't seem to decipher it.
So maybe I'll try till I can't feel myself anymore…
And I only see you.
And I writhe in your madness.

Verse 2:

Why must this be so cruel?
A test of human endurance
And self-assurance that we're doing okay.
And when your alter ego shows it's haunting face,
I lose all trace of your love



And I'll writhe in your madness
Track Name: Disco Chase
Verse 1:

A long time till the dawn
Till our feet become numb

Can't keep up with my steps.
These unearthly acts



This bag of flesh
You've been chasing
Does not feel mine
I can't stand straight.
Can't find my bones
Can't find my skin
I have melted,
I have vanished.

Verse 2:

Burning all of our pores.
As it masters our cores
All the water

Are running out of breath.
All the things in your head




My grave lays here
Show some respect
My deed is done here

Track Name: The Intermission
Rest, rest in peace
Though it may mean you're ignoring what has been going on

Don't, don't make me
Wake you up, I don't want you to feel the feeling of falling.

I can't stand to watch you leave it all behind

Breathe, breathe in deep,
Until someone else decides what you take in, in your body,

Don't, don't give in,
Giving in will haunt you with the endless feeling of falling.

Go back to where you feel the safest.
It's in your eyes, it's in your mind
It's somewhere you'll find.
Go back to where it all began
It will get you through the end
Things will slow down

I can't stand to watch you leave it all behind

Let, let me in,
I will take your hand no matter what has been going on

Don't, don't make me,
Let you go, there's so much out there,
I can't bare.
I give in.

Go back to where you feel the safest.
It's in your eyes, it's in your mind
It's somewhere you'll find.
Go back to where it all began
It will get you through the end
Things will slow down.

Aklimdan gecenleri bir bilsen,
Nelerden korktugumu

I can't stand to watch you leave it all behind.
Track Name: Beauty Sleep
Verse 1:

So heaven-like
All the things you have told me.
Such a paradise
Through my veins I fade out.


Cut me into pieces.
Trick my mind all through this.
Put me into deep sleep;
After all it’s true peace.

Verse 2:

So red and white
All the stains you’ve put on me
Such a big surprise
Through my veins I wake up.



Aklımı aldın
Uyuşmuş bedenimde bir damla
Hayat kalmadı
Benliğimi aldın
Kopardın renklerimden.

Track Name: Mr. Helicoprion
Verse 1:

I’ve got stuck in this sand,
I cannot clear it out.
Oh my…
Did I lose my ground?


I’ve got put in this picture,
It’s oh so pretty…
I don’t fit in here.
I’ve come from this place,
It’s oh so dirty.
Make me fit in here.

Take me to the blue…
Take me to the blue.

Verse 2:

‘Cause I’ve got fired from heaven,
I must be really lost.
Oh my…


Don’t make me clean up this mess,
I’m torn enough.
Why can’t I just die?

Verse 3:

Will you be my human?
I will need a way out.
May I…
Can I use my mind?

Pre-chorus 2:

I’ve got sucked in this mud.
Please get my feet out,
Put them on the ground.

Take me to the blue…
Take me to the blue.

Chorus 2:

Don’t make me clean up this mess.
I’m torn enough,
Why can’t I just-
Leave it all and flee from this craze?
I’m weak enough,
Why can’t I just die?
Track Name: The Alter Ego
Verse 1:

I’m shivering under your shadow;
I lie in my cold bed,
My dark comes upon me.
I’m freaking out when you’re not around;
I lose all trace of your love.


Give me all the patience you have,
And I will make things better.

Verse 2:

I’m feeling it, it’s growing in me;
All the things we missed,
Things we over-did.
I’m trying hard; it’s never enough.
I can’t change what’s mine.



I can’t scream enough
To let things go.
I’m consumed in remorse;
Relieve me. Rebuild me.

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